While I worship the ground over which you hover, Tom, I am not sure when—or if—the bipartisan bill will pass, and I certainly wouldn't bank on it passing in September. Because of the relative prioritization of the $1B bill and the $3.5B bill, Speaker Pelosi has a small group of moderates and a large group of progressives at one another’s throats. That might be navigable—one bets against Mrs. Pelosi at one’s own peril—but Mr. Schumer needs all 50 of his caucus to vote for the $3.5B “human infrastructure” bill and Sen. Manchin just wrote a WSJ op-ed asking for a “pause” on the bill altogether. The 10 House moderates will not vote to pass a "human infrastructure" bill of any size without assurance the other chamber will pass the bill. To do so would be to sign their own (political) death warrants... Then again, I could be mistaken.

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Thank you

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