Can your Tom Talks be downloaded as a PDF? I save some of them for future reference.

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I'm not sure --- we decided that the Covid caused a disruption in our working procedure, which it did. No more business contact meetings. No more taking clients out to lunch. No more clients coming to the office. But we did pay employees with the PPP money, no problem there. The problem that scrares me is the fact that income maintained and increased. Covid didn't have an economic impact on the business (insurance, for example).

You would think they (IRS) wouldn't bother with the small potatoes, like under $100,000., BUT if the audit procedure is automated properly, it could become a small potato roast.

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Who do you think they will focus on, Tom?

The spouses of Congress members and Hollywood hot shots?

Or the lower and middle class?

Or will there be sampling across the spectrum?

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